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The New Shifter Fin

The Quobba 'Shifter' fin allows you to move the rear fin 25mm over 4 positions, whilst surfing with no tools required!

Available in dual and/or single fin tabs.

When moving the 'Shifter' Fin forwards your surfboard will loosen up.

When moving the 'Shifter' Fin backwards your surfboard will increase the hold.

Science Behind Fin Configuration

The well established basics of fin configuration are:

The Rear Fin gives you Stability.

The Side Fins give you Thrust , (Simon Anderson, 1980).

The Fin Cluster

The red triangle represents the fin cluster (how the fins are placed).

The fin cluster is usually set by the shaper, according to the surfer's requirements.

A fin cluster that’s more spread out will create more hold and a larger turning radius.

A fin cluster that’s closer together will create less hold and a tighter turning radius, pivoting quickly.

In general, the fin placement has a great effect on surfboard performance.

What if you could change your fin placement while surfing, in the water with no tools?

Introducing The Quobba Rear Shifter Fin

A surfboard fin that allows you to change the fin placement.

  • Want more hold? Move the fin backwards
  • Need less hold? Move the fin forwards.
  • Experience the science behind surfboard fin configuration yourself!
  • Reduce your quiver when traveling. Boards can become more versatile!


Shifter Fin