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Quobba Fins started in the early 1980s in a remote camp somewhere on the vast coastline of Western Australia.
Back then, Quobba Fins was only an idea of how to generate ‘more speed and hold’ on a surfboard.

Born in Margaret River, a unique combination of scientific principles and extensive experimentation/testing of our revolutionary fin with it’s characteristic ‘caudal keel’ and ‘chop stopper’ design has excited surfers around the globe.

Independent scientific testing using CFD analysis confirms what surfers feel under their feet
The Quobba Fins ‘Glass’ series
Material composition:

50% chopped glass fibre + 50% metal ash within a high tensile resin.
The Quobba Fins ‘Carbon Glass’ series
Material composition:

3% ‘Chopped carbon fibre’
+ 47% chopped glass fibre’ and the remaining + 50% metal ash within a high tensile resin

The Quobba Fins 'Shifter' series
Coming Soon


We'll let you know when the Quobba Shifter is available.