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Current World Number 1 and 2

James Carew and Matchu Lopes are both enjoying the benefits of Quobba Fins Technology!
Quobba fins are especially suited to high speeds, wave riding, and strapless freestyle. They also behave amazingly in choppy conditions reducing the typical chattering of the surfboard.

James Carew Product Review


Kai Lenny

I really like the fins, especially in punchy beach breaks or powerful reef breaks. The base technology makes the fins and my board feel very powerful and I am able to push extremely hard and project forward. The wobble that the board can get from choppy conditions was stabilized from the fin technology.

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Carew James Carew - Testimonial
Current World No 1 / GKA Pro Tour

If you love going fast, blowing out sections and driving through upside down barrels, you’ve found the right fin. These wizards have created a fin that stops flat spots in your surfing, generating and holding speed through all sections, subsequently turning a shitty day into a really fun surf. The freedom you gain on waves surfing with Quobbas in your board is unparalleled, I haven’t gone back to a regular fin since putting them in.
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