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Why change standard fin design?

To reduce the trailing turbulent drag around the base of all standard fins, thereby increasing speed, hold and drive.

How can Quobba Fins reduce trailing turbulent drag?

By ordering the turbulent water flow around the fin base.

How can Quobba Fins order turbulent water flow?

Using patented technology that consists of the 'Caudal Keel', 'Chop Stopper' and 'Venting'.

As demonstrated in the video, water flows betwen the 'caudal keel' and 'chop stopper' areas and starts to spin.

The design of Quobba Fins forces water to twist and move much faster along and around the leading edge of the 'caudal keel'.

This relatively faster flow of water at the leading edge of a Quobba Fin, causes a low pressure area to be formed, 'sucking' the fin forward.

Bernoulli principle (1738): "Whenever there is a faster flow of water, there shall be a lower pressure."

By forming a circular pattern to the water flow around Quobba Fins, the typical trailing turbulent drag found around all standard fins, is substantially minimized.