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Carbon Glass Series - Mixed sizes - Single Tab - Thruster Set

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The Quobba fins ‘Carbon Glass’ series have a standard raked fin type template. The carbon fibre makes the fin slightly stiffer and much stronger than the glass series. 

Quobba fins incorporate a revolutionary new patented fin design situated on the base of each Quobba fin, so as to enable the typical turbulent ‘unordered’ water flow found around the base of all standard fins, to become more ‘ordered’.

By shaping and ‘ordering’ the water flowing around the fin base, the Quobba fin system markedly reduces trailing turbulence drag, thereby increasing hold and speed in comparison to standard fin designs.


Side fins (Large): Height: 121 mm – Length: 164 mm – Base: 113.25 – Weight: 100g – Foil: Flat (inside)
Rear fin (Medium): Height: 113 mm – Length: 152 mm – Base: 110mm – Weight: 100g – Foil: Symmetric


Side fins: 3% ‘Chopped carbon fibre' + 47% 'Chopped glass fibre' and the remaining + 50% metal ash within a high tensile resin
Rear fin: 50%  'Chopped glass fibre' + 50% metal ash within a high tensile resin

Package includes:

2 x ‘Carbon Glass’ series (Large) Size Quobba Fins
1 x ‘Glass’ series (Medium) Size Quobba Fin
3 x Fin Pouches
1 x Warranty Card
1 x Instruction Card
1 x Fin key
1 x Set Shims

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