Jake Paterson

Former WCT Competitor, 2xJ-Bay Champion & Pipeline Master

I have been testing the Quobba Fins for a few months now and I love the speed and extra hold this fin has compared to normal fins. If you have ever seen a Yellow Fin Tuna tail you will realise these guys really are onto something good.

Mitch Thorson

Former WCT Competitor

Its been a great ride helping with the development of these awesome fins!

The extra hold and subsequent drive is fantastic, and the speed through the flats and in hollower sections is unreal.

I feel like I can create new lines, pushing harder and going faster!

Jano Belo

Winner of 6000 WQS series event
Second best surfer in the Brazilian championship
Back to back King of the point – Trigg

Tts been amazing having the opportunity to test all Quobba fins, surfing with them for 1 year, the drive and hold in the barrel is next level, makes easier to ride on the foam ball…and the hold to do carvings is amazing, i can push it harder on turns then normal foil fins.

And to do the airs is really good, the extra speed helps to fly and looks like it loose contact with the wave sooner, for me the best fins on the game for sure.

Bradley Norris

It’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced under my feet. Quobba fins have the drive and speed of a quad but yet you could still put them on rail like a thruster.
It’s the perfect balance!
Big Wave Charger

Dave Delroy-Carr

#1 G’day lads. Just got out of the water surfing 2ft slop with the fins. Epic! Made sections I didn’t think I would heaps of speed and drive. Can’t wait to get in the water again…..once the sharks have gone. Yeow

#2 More drive than my bloody jet ski can deliver!

Andrew Sheridan

The Quobba Fins feel faster than a normal fin and give you good drive and hold through turns. I used them during the Margaret River Classic and it felt great to have my equipment feeling so on point during my heats. I was stoked to get the win!

Matt Branson

Former WCT Competitor

I tested out these fins in Bali and being a larger bloke I was a bit hesitant with the size of the fin, as I use a larger template.

No need to worry there as I found the Quobba Fins had just as much hold and drive as a larger fin but with extra release that a smaller fin would allow.

Stoked with how these fins felt, definitely onto something Quobba! Cheers – Matt

Mick Short

Former Pro-Free Surfer & Indo Charger

“I had really amazing experience with the speed I was generating through turns and the drive was just amazing”

Craig Holly

Ex-professional WQS

“I have never experienced anything that has held as well and gone as fast…” (said after surfing 10 foot G-Land)

Brent Dorrington

I was sceptical on the fins at first because they were a lot different from anything I’ve ever tried , but gave them a shot on a small day and they were some of the best small wave fins I’ve used , instantly felt the speed difference from a standard set of fins I would usually try, the drive and speed immediately from take off was amazing, can’t wait to get them in some solid stuff!
Cheers, Brenno

Beau Pilgrim

Surfer, kiter, professional photographer

I was blown away how the fins instantly transformed a board I hated into being one of my favourite boards. The board was previously slow & stiff through turns, now it’s super drivey and turns on a dime. It’s insane how much more speed now I can generate pumping down the line. I can’t wait to get them in some bigger powerful waves. Bring on Fiji!

Ry Blakeney

I love playing around and riding lots of different shape surfboards- it keeps things interesting for me . But theres never been any fins that you get that feeling from- only ever been quite subtle feeling changes, like a different size fin or a different flex in the material etc. Until now no fins have made a difference to my surfing as these fins have. they feel so fast and make all more boards feel like they come alive in no way they have before- makes me never want to go back to the fins i used to ride, I’m now hooked.
These fins have really got me frothing on surfing again, I’m making sections i never would of normally been able to make surfing and for kitesurfing the hold through turns is crazy, gives you that extra grip when turning against your kite! do yourself a favour and get your hands on some, you won’t regret it!