Kai Lenny

I really like the fins, especially in punchy beach breaks or powerful reef breaks.

The base technology makes the fins and my board feel very powerful and I am able to push extremely hard and project forward.

The wobble that the board can get from choppy conditions was stabilized from the fin technology.

Refer MSW:

Dave Macaulay

As a shaper I like to try fins and fin systems so I can recommend them for my customers.

Ben Roach approached me to test the Quobba Fins and gave me some feedback from himself and other surfers and I trust his judgement.

I generally use Futures (AM2 or DHD fins) and FCS2 (MF Large) so I tested the green, large Quobba Fins at my version of a wind tunnel – Lefties!!!

I started the session by using the DHD Futures in my 6’0 round pin all round board so I could get a gauge and direct comparison.

I then came in and swapped fins to the green Quobbas. Paddling out I was thinking they might feel a bit weird but I was pleasantly surprised to they felt quite normal! The exciting thing that I did feel (along with the lack of weirdness) was the amount of hold and grip the board had with Quobbas.

I started to sneak my back foot back further a touch back to push harder and the fins held in which is the aspect I really enjoyed.

The speed of the fins felt good and there was no detectable drag , just mega hold – so my first impression was to give the fins a strong tick!

I had another memorable session at Lefties a bit later where there were some good barrels and the fins really shined again in the barrel, with the hold factor giving stability in critical, sucky sections.

I’ve also enjoyed the fins on my backhand at Boneyards (J-Bay) and my favourite rights in Gracetown.

Just used the Quobbas in some proper barrels at home and found out just how amazing they perform. The board just held its line on one sick one when I was sure I’d be bucked off so I left that session totally buzzing!

I am keen to try them at Gnarloo for knifing down the face and surviving a foam ball ride in deep barrel, which I heard Sillsy (Richard Sills) has done up there using Quobbas.

So I am happy to report that Quobbas are part of my fin quiver now.


Dave Macaulay

Dan Ross

“Quick email to say I tried the fins yesterday at a solid right hand slab and got the best wave I’ve ever had out there .

Felt like the fins held in great and grabbed at the right time so I could knife in and not fall flat on my face.

Also felt nice through carves with speed . Feel like I’m getting used to them a little more now .

All good feedback from me”

Cheers – Dan Ross

Jake Paterson

Former WCT Competitor, 2xJ-Bay Champion & Pipeline Master

I have been testing the Quobba Fins for a few months now and I love the speed and extra hold this fin has compared to normal fins. If you have ever seen a Yellow Fin Tuna tail you will realise these guys really are onto something good.

Mitch Thorson

Former WCT Competitor

Its been a great ride helping with the development of these awesome fins!

The extra hold and subsequent drive is fantastic, and the speed through the flats and in hollower sections is unreal.

I feel like I can create new lines, pushing harder and going faster!

Jano Belo

Winner of 6000 WQS series event
Second best surfer in the Brazilian championship
Back to back King of the point – Trigg

Tts been amazing having the opportunity to test all Quobba fins, surfing with them for 1 year, the drive and hold in the barrel is next level, makes easier to ride on the foam ball…and the hold to do carvings is amazing, i can push it harder on turns then normal foil fins.

And to do the airs is really good, the extra speed helps to fly and looks like it loose contact with the wave sooner, for me the best fins on the game for sure.

Bradley Norris

It’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced under my feet. Quobba fins have the drive and speed of a quad but yet you could still put them on rail like a thruster.
It’s the perfect balance!
Big Wave Charger

Dave Delroy-Carr

#1 G’day lads. Just got out of the water surfing 2ft slop with the fins. Epic! Made sections I didn’t think I would heaps of speed and drive. Can’t wait to get in the water again…..once the sharks have gone. Yeow

#2 More drive than my bloody jet ski can deliver!

Andrew Sheridan

The Quobba Fins feel faster than a normal fin and give you good drive and hold through turns. I used them during the Margaret River Classic and it felt great to have my equipment feeling so on point during my heats. I was stoked to get the win!

Matt Branson

Former WCT Competitor

I tested out these fins in Bali and being a larger bloke I was a bit hesitant with the size of the fin, as I use a larger template.

No need to worry there as I found the Quobba Fins had just as much hold and drive as a larger fin but with extra release that a smaller fin would allow.

Stoked with how these fins felt, definitely onto something Quobba! Cheers – Matt

Nick Christensen


Recently on a trip to New Zealand.. It’s beautiful down there…  Been using the fins some more at silvas, a lively left hander, and I don’t know what it is about your fins but I love them.  The grab my shortboard gets off the bottom is exceptional.  We got a nice swell headed here in about a week.  I’m excited to try out the other fins in my bigger board.

I let my buddy use my board with the green ones in them.   First thing he told me:  These fins are fucking awesome!  I quizzed him what the difference was and he wasn’t too sure but he said “These are the only fins that I could feel under my feet while surfing”  I guess that means they’re responsive.  Anyways, it was a thumbs up from him.



Mick Short

Former Pro-Free Surfer & Indo Charger

“I had really amazing experience with the speed I was generating through turns and the drive was just amazing”

Tyler Callaway

Allwater LLC

Ex President / Director of Business Development
Surf Hardware International (FCS)

Hi all

Been testing the fins and some good surf down here in Mexico the last three days. Definitely feel the difference.

Had some really good solid head and a half to double overhead surf with myself and local charger Brad Thomas. Both of us were loving the q plus. Faster and more positive hey!

Craig Holly

Ex-professional WQS

“I have never experienced anything that has held as well and gone as fast…” (said after surfing 10 foot G-Land)

Brent Dorrington

I was sceptical on the fins at first because they were a lot different from anything I’ve ever tried , but gave them a shot on a small day and they were some of the best small wave fins I’ve used , instantly felt the speed difference from a standard set of fins I would usually try, the drive and speed immediately from take off was amazing, can’t wait to get them in some solid stuff!
Cheers, Brenno

Beau Pilgrim

Surfer, kiter, professional photographer

I was blown away how the fins instantly transformed a board I hated into being one of my favourite boards. The board was previously slow & stiff through turns, now it’s super drivey and turns on a dime. It’s insane how much more speed now I can generate pumping down the line. I can’t wait to get them in some bigger powerful waves. Bring on Fiji!

Ry Blakeney

I love playing around and riding lots of different shape surfboards- it keeps things interesting for me . But theres never been any fins that you get that feeling from- only ever been quite subtle feeling changes, like a different size fin or a different flex in the material etc. Until now no fins have made a difference to my surfing as these fins have. they feel so fast and make all more boards feel like they come alive in no way they have before- makes me never want to go back to the fins i used to ride, I’m now hooked.
These fins have really got me frothing on surfing again, I’m making sections i never would of normally been able to make surfing and for kitesurfing the hold through turns is crazy, gives you that extra grip when turning against your kite! do yourself a favour and get your hands on some, you won’t regret it!


Tim Fitzpatrick

Yeh mate Steve was nice enough to let me have a spin on the fins

I was comparing these to the newest Filipe FCS 2 fins and was very surprised in the difference between the two fins. The waves I was surfing was just head high fast beachies and the Quobba fins where significantly better. Straight away the drive and speed off the bottom and getting a good fast line was crazy. I was getting past sections which normally I probably wouldn’t. The other main area was doing turns – mainly carves the speed and acceleration through turns was super fast and felt there was a lot more push and drive through the board to keep flow. I Haven’t had the chance to surf in some proper fast barrel waves yet but I can only imagine how good the Quobba fins would go in those kind of waves.

Kind regards-,Tim Fitzpatrick, Perth WA

Abel Tomkins

After trying these, even from the first few surfs, I personally wouldn’t use anything else. I also really appreciate the design and manufacturing approach and its funny seeing so many get caught up on the price point.

Performance: I have surfed back to back with my old futures and the drag difference is easily identifiable. How I explain it to friends is you feel like you are riding the fins instead of just the rear third of the board with the fins dragging along. They also hold really well at speed and seem to almost eliminate chatter when you find yourself riding a short stick on a larger set wave down south. I would say to those caught up on price that they are not really getting the most out of their current surfboard without them. Very similar experience kiting. They get on the plane and hold really well when rocketing upwind. I would really like to try a quad setup for kiting though as riding mostly smaller waves you get half the time to scrap for fin release and you generally always ride on rail.

It might already be in the works, but from a marketing point of view it might work out simplifying the packaging and offering a few more colours, designs and configurations (appeal to the “hip” crowd). Current marketing feels really orientated to the older cashed up surfer. Cheers -Abel

Doc Phil

Wow! I have been kiting since the 90’s so have lived (in hindsight sometimes only just!) through a lot of changes and innovations. Predominantly kite design and more recently with boards. Up until recently we have been using modified surfboards. There are some unique aspects of kiting that challenge these traditional designs.

My understanding is that until now, fin design has not been looked at.

Being 89kg and coming from a windsurfing background I prefer a powered strapped in setup and love driving powered bottom turns. One problem I have alway encountered has been finding a fin that can withstand the forces involved. Invariably I end up snapping the toe side thruster in the middle of the turn. Finding a fin that can do the job in the past has resulted in a stiff wooden feeling and impossible to break out or snap a turn. A frustrating compromise Until now…..

I use a Quad setup on an RRD Cotan 5”2’ and 5’4” I have now been using these fins for 4 months.

From the first time I used them I felt Control; incredible grip in those all important bottom turns and driving through wind blown chop. Speed; they are very fast onto the plane and their reduced drag let’s you point much higher upwind. This means better light wind performance and easier getting through the sucky cavitating white water.

Loose; unbelievable when you consider what I said above but when you exit the bottom turn and project up the face, with a subtle shift in weight you can break out the fins for tail first slide or project a tweaked aerial landing back on the face tail or nose first with confidence and just do it again all day.

The Performance of these fins is amazingly intuitive, They seem to know what you’re thinking! So much so it has been hard for me to break it down, so I have focused on what I am doing well or better.

At 55years old that’s worth the price of a set of fins!

I am confident that whatever your style, skill or confidence level you will improve with these bad boys!

Cheers Doc Phil

Jeremy Pittman

I received set of thrusters a couple weeks ago & wanted to ride them a few times before sending you review. Whoa!!!! These things are awesome!!! I am a very average surfer, and wasn’t sure I’d really “notice” a huge different, but I definitely did. A ton of drive & speed, and incredible tracking on turns. As I’ve told you, I’m still waiting on new winter board, so I put these in my favorite board that I normally ride as a quad. The speed was similar, but the hold was really stable and secure. I’m a fan, and will do my best to let everyone I know about these things. I’m frothing right now just thinking about next surf. Looking forward to trying the larger size set in new winter board.

Cheers & keep surfing,


Brook Palmateer

G’day Mitch and Glenn,

I went for a surf today and tested my new Quobba Fins and a just had to tell you guys, I’M STOKED!!.

It was a good day of surf at Margie’s Main Break 6” to 8” and I was riding a 6’6” that I have had for about a year, it’s a board that I like to ride and have surfed it heap of times.

Mate I’ve got to tell you it turned it in to a totally new board, in a good way.

I have always been a sceptic of new things, but fair dinkum, your Quobba fins were amazing, the board was more responsive, directional and had more drive and speed in and out of every turn than I have ever felt before.

I’m am definitely convert and I’ve already told a heap of the lads how stoked I am, mate you guys are on to a good thing and I will be sprooking your product to all my mates and beyond.

Well done boys!!

Nat Hozier *Surfing Quobba Shifter

Used FCS M5 Carbon side fins and rear Shifter set on shapers marks.

Board felt a bit stiff so could have shifted the fin forward.

Board felt really drivey and inspired confidence. It did not feel like it was going to “spin out” and a few pumps sent it flying.
Held rail. I thought it would cavitate like crazy – Nup!

Nothing negative to say. Great work guys.

Cameron Pratt

G’day mate,

I had three separate surfs on two different boards,

one of the surfs was at Wiktons (Rare Left Bank that forms next to gas reef)on a small 5’2, it was about 3ft surf. This surf was extremely fun for me as i have never felt this board react like this before;

Pros- acceleration from take-off, extra drive off the bottom and through turns, also the feeling of hold through all turns is amazing!, the drive around sections feels like i’m on a quad!!

Cons- Personally i don’t have any cons on the fins, they have changed the way i surf in such a positive way. Hopefully i can get out on a good solid day 10ft plus and really put them to the test.

The other surf i had at Wiktons was on my 5’10 all round board, i really haven’t surfed this board for a long time so this session i had was more about getting used to the board again than the fins.But i must say i haven’t had or felt this board go this fast on such a small wave since i surfed it as a quad in Gland a couple of yrs back, and that surf was 5-6ft Money-trees compared to 3-4ft sand bottom point that wiktons is.

The third surf i had was at small gas reef on the 5’2, again this surf was definitely a lot of fun waves backhand and forehand, the backhand waves i got (rights) were amazing once again the hold when backdooring the peak was crazy as the wave can have a lot of steps in the face at the take-off, the drive through top turns was amazing, I’m still trying to get used to the feeling as i have never experience this before.

Hopefully this helps mate, can’t wait to get home and get back in the water!!!

P.S. i really want to thank you for giving me a chance to surf these fins as in my 25 odd years surfing i have never felt my surfing feel this good and it has definitely given me new fire in the belly to try surf everyday, it’s brought back my super grom froth!! Yeewwww!!!!


Brian Clarke

I’m 64yo & ride 2-3 times a week (if I can). My go to board currently is a FireWire ‘Greedy Beaver’ 6’8”.

I surf anywhere from Pellows to Catherine Hill which are mostly beach breaks with a couple of reef breaks. I also have a Dylan Cosmic Crusader 6’4 with a set of FCS11 MF fins( I haven’t tried the Quobba fins on this board yet as I’m having heaps of fun on the Beaver.

I had ridden the Greedy Beaver a few times with a set of FCS11 large -Shaper Series & loved the board & the fins.

A mate who also has a Greedy Beaver 6’10” had just ordered a set of Quobba fins & sent me your website info. I had a look & a read about the Quobba Fins & they looked great. So I ordered a set. I was pleased with the customer service & how quickly I received the Quobba fins in the mail (approx 3 days west to east coast). Great packaging & after sales service too. The price wasn’t an issue.

I’d had a surf & caught 5-6 waves in peaky 3’-4’ at Pellows with the FCS11 fins & then swapped over to the Quobba fins. I didn’t think I would feel the difference between the fins at my age & only being an average surfer, but I was wrong. I could feel more acceleration & the board was more lively too.

You generally get what you pay for a product. I think the Quobba fins are worth every cent. What price do you put on having more fun & excitement?

I’d recommend the Quobba fins for all surfers at any level.

Try Quobba fins you will love the different feeling with them.

Charlie Wise

Mate these fins are unreal. Just had my first surf on them at a Morrocon point break. Insane, they just hold and then release perfectly. Frothing on them.

Bill Andersen

Love the fins. They are all I use now, either alone as the set or in combo with other fins I already had.

The speed as advertised is by far the most notable feature for me but have also found they hold well down the line. I’m 52 now so turns aren’t as important as speed and hold.

They’re strong and durable and as yet have suffered no chips or surface damage.

Honestly I couldn’t be happier. Awesome product. Well done.

Kind regards – Bill

Andrew Murray

“Had ball on your Quobbas this morn. I was concerned about switching back to a thruster after so long riding a Hypto as a twinny but it felt great. Lots of speed, easy to turn. Got a few barrels as well. Stoked! Seem to have a lot of acceleration off the bottom turn. Love em!”

Joseph Clawpsen

“The Fins are great! Got them just before I spent two months in the Abrolhos.

Surfed them in my 6’4 Firewire, so had a chance to compare them against standard thrusters and quad set ups. They definitely made a difference when the waves got hollow.

Got Super Tubes firing at 4 to 6ft, as a goofy this right is really fast. Had the quads in and struggled to make any, paddled back to the boat and swapped our for the Quobbas and finally made it out of a couple.

Really stoked with the fins. Joseph”

Director/Captain / Achievement Charters Pty Ltd

Gus Willis

Sorry for the late response, I’ve been away down south over the last week.

Fins are going great so far. Been able to surf them in really good waves and they go amazingly. I’ve been able to make some barrels I wouldn’t have been able to make on a quad. I love how they carry speed throughout maneuvers.

Thanks for supporting me with fins. -Gus

Todd Branson

The Quobba Fins are amazing, I actually thought they were going to be too small as I am heavy on the back foot but they have totally blown me away at their stability.

What I really noticed was the drive I have been getting at big Bears or P-break , it’s taken me awhile to get my head around them so I have been changing back to my Kinetic Joel Parkinson fins just so I can get a feel for the differences and trying to get out there again as soon as possible on the Quobba’s.

I have recently also tried mixing them up with my Kinetic fins which is interesting.

I really feel they are faster and hold in more from the waves I have been surfing lately, we are coming into spring and the sun is finally out so I will really put them through their paces in the next month or so and get back to you as I have only been surfing reef breaks of late.

Let me know if you need anything else mate. Cheers Todd

Bob Purdy

So far very happy with the new Quobba fins. I am a Standup paddle surfer in Tofino. So far the fins are working great on my 8’7” high performance board. Fast with good hold on shoulder to head high beach break waves here in Tofino on the west coast of Canada. Tofino is the surf capital of Canada. There are about 10 surf shops in the area. You might think about getting your fins into the hands of some of our pro surfers like Pete Devries. Cheers -Bob

Adam Acosta

Want to give you guys some feedback on the single tab Quobba fins.

I have been using them in a full range of boards from my everyday shorty to bigger wave guns. Loving the the fins hold, stability and drive. I have been impressed by their smooth performance in windy and choppy surf, allowing me to still maintain control and push hard on the fins in less than ideal conditions.

Would love to buy a quad set if they become available.

Thanks, Adam Acosta / Margaret River, Western Australia

Dave Thomas

I haven’t ridden them nearly as much as I would have hoped yet. I’m a kiter & not a surfer really so my experience so far has been totally kitesurfing, only fresh water lakes, and not really great swell although 1 day had good swell for an inland Montana lake….more like really big chop.

I’m a decent kiter but far from expert by any means. I ride strapless & my only board is a Firewire Vader.

I did notice a difference right away. I would say faster & more fluid. I really like them so far. I’m sure you were hoping for a more detailed feedback with lots of techy discussion. I’m afraid I’m probably not skilled enough to notice some of the more nuanced gains the fins offer but they are noticeably better than my carbon fiber g-5’s I had been using. I can’t wait to get them in real surf. Hopefully soon! Regards -Dave

Nick Bruechle

Thanks for your email, I would be happy to provide feedback and if you have further questions I’d be happy to answer them. I think what you blokes have achieved is incredible and I wish you every success.

I am in general very happy with the Quobba fins, although I am not sure they live entirely up to the hype of being able to allow a single board to work in all sizes and type of waves. I’ve used my Quobba fins locally in Perth, down south mainly at Moses Rocks and Cobblestones, in the Mentawai Islands at Ebay, Goodtimes, Pitstops, Burgerworld and a few other spots, and, this week, in Bali on the outer reefs. There are some waves and some days when the Quobbas really are magic, and they certainly provide a great level of confidence on bottom turns on almost any wave. But I have also tried different fins on the same board and in very similar conditions and find that a smaller fin on smaller days keeps the board more nimble and easier to turn. That said, at home in Perth I rely on them at Secret Harbour, Leighton and Scarborough, and they always work well in those waves.

As my boards now tend to be FCS2 fin boxes, it can be a little tiresome putting lugs in and changing to the Quobbas (so at home I tend to just leave the Quobbas in). It would be great to see a slightly smaller rear fin available for our tiny surf, and although it may be impossible because of licensing, to see an FCS2 set available.

To sum up, I am very happy with my Quobbas. I don’t use them all the time but I do find when I use them that they inspire confidence because of the hold and drive they possess, and on our regular smaller days they work beautifully.

I have attached a couple of shots from this year’s trip to the Mentawai Islands, showing that the fins allow an old bloke like me to get on rail occasionally.

Cheers Nick Bruechle

Steve Card

First up a big thanks to Quobba fins for supplying me with a replacement fin after losing one. At no cost to me, not something you see to much of these day.

The fins are now my set used, plugged into my 6,4″ JS blak box 2.

The fins do give an extra drive to the board and slight amount of rear lift we pushing down the line. Would be interested in a larger set, if these become available.

Very happy with as my go to set at the present time, am looking forward to giving them the real test next year when going to Nias, Telo island & the Maldives. Steve Card

John Gourley

I do like the fins very much but at the moment I have upgraded my equipment and now only have Future fin set up on SUP and kite boards.

I should get an adapter to be able to use them. Thanks for reminding me.

Thoughts- It is a premium product from the box and bag. Are these necessary as some people may be put off by the price. They certainly work though and I am a convert. Just about to try foiling so this will be another challenge.

Thanks for the email and I hope that you guys do well. Best Wishes-John Gourley

Tony Blunt

Hi Ben, yep surfed Telo islands lattitude zero with the fins.

They went awesome on my Pyzel ghost 6’10 4-6 ft waves seemed faster on turns for sure.

Tim Kelly

Yes I have been, the last 2-3 weeks have been flat on the east coast aus but when we had some good swell a month ago I was in the water with them in my board and they were unreal, I was unsure when I first seen them but was all for giving them a go, first wave I paddled into felt the difference straight away, it’s like your board sits a fraction higher in the water compared to other fins I use ‘FCS2 fanning model’ and the drive off the bottom and hold at the top was great, could realese the tail at the top too which I didn’t think would be able too with the way the fins look but the fins were a hit, I was making sections and barrels that usually I wouldn’t but these quoba fins put my board into another gear it was sick. I won’t ride any of my boards with out them in now that’s for sure. I’m heading to indo hopefully in the next 2 months to catch the last of the season and can’t wait to try these fins in proper pumping surf!!

Only thing I could suggest is the moulds to be fcs2 compatible , that’s the only downside is ur putting in screw tabs and plugs for quobbas because all my boards are fcs2 plugs, but other fins you just click in and jump in the surf, obviously once you use them You know it’s worth the 2 mins of hassle to surf them but other then that I can’t say a bad word about the fins.

I have mate that was on the WQS curcuit and he’s gonna give the fins I have a go and let me know what he thinks aswell, and my shaper DP surfboards is gonna get the team to test them out and give a good bunch of feedback on them too.

If there’s anything else yous need I’m happy to help, these fins are unreal use are onto something good with them.

Cheers Tim Kelly

Kiel Sheppard

Yep that’s correct Steve has given me some fins to trial

I have only had the chance to get out on them twice so far.

But hoping to use them again this coming long wknd.

I’m a intermediate surfer, i have had them in my fish surfboard and in my opinion

They seem to give me less drag, and hold really well through turns.

I’ll continue to use them a make notes of the difference I notice every time.

I hope this helps in some way

Cheers again for having me being apart of this.

Kiel -Wollongong NSW

Chad Wood

Yeah I’ve had a few burns on them out here in Scarbs and few sessions up at Tombies on them! Super responsive

Eddie Castillo

I am finally on the Quobba fins after nearly a decade of being sworn to secrecy by Glenn. I can truly say they have been worth the wait and recommend giving them a go.

The extra speed generated provides a notable lift when driving down the line and also whilst hitting the foam. I have never felt this before with a standard set of fins.

The other huge difference is the extra hold the Quobbas provide, which enables you to direct, and subsequently, push harder through your turns. Coupled with all that additional speed, I feel like these fins have definitely added a new dimension to my surfing.

So glad to put an end of swapping fins over for different boards too. At last, a one stop solution for fins that has worked on all my quiver. Stoked.

Ben Roach

I’ve been involved in the testing of the fins for the past of couple of years. These fins really perform and it is amazing the difference the small keel makes to your board’s performance . They are faster and create really good lift once you get them going – especially on clean faces.

They also feature incredible hold heading up the face of a wave, through carves and in the barrel. Once you have worked them out you can basically bottom turn in a more critical part of the wave . When I go back to my normal fins it feels like my board has flat tyres. Someone asked me the other day, “Are they worth $230?” and I can honestly say yes they are.

Sounds like I am getting a bit excited but I honestly feel like I am surfing better on them…

Travis Bradberry

I really enjoyed Quobba fins right off the bat. I live in north county San Diego, a place which is NOT known for powerful waves. Most my setups are focused on generating speed (as opposed to controlling it). I like to ride the Futures Solus, which is a large front fin with a deep inside foil. It’s great for generating speed and has nice hold, though I ride with a larger 15.9” center.

With the Quobba tri-fin set up I could surf it no problem but it was too easy to overpower the center fin. I’ve adapted by riding the Quobba side fins with my usual 15.9” center and that’s a great combo. Lots of speed and good hold despite the Quobba sides being smaller than the Futures I used to ride. I think the larger Quobba setup will go great for me as I’m 6-3 190 lbs. Another great thing I noticed about Quobbas is the board paddles a little better with them in. Maybe it’s the lift they create? I can definitely feel a little faster paddle with them in, which never hurts as the waves can get really crowded here.

We’re in the middle of summer here which means I’m hunting for even more speed. I ride a lot of quads in the summer for that reason. I rode my Quobbas with my usual quad trailers and enjoyed that set up. The last couple of weeks I’ve been using my Quobbas with Futures Controller quad fins in the rear. The controller quad fins are very upright and meant for generating speed and pivot. These fins paired with the Quobbas in the front are really fast. So fun to ride I’ve been hooked on this setup since I tried it. When I switch back to my regular 13” quad trailers it feels slow by comparison! Will let you know the comparison when I ride with Quobbas in front and back.

You should also know I’ve tinkered with s-wings this summer (fin you’ve likely heard of out of France). Though the s-wings are faster than quobbas (not so much when you first get going on a wave, but once you start pumping they generate crazy amounts of speed), which can be really addicting, you sacrifice some maneuverability due to the elongated shape of the fin. I enjoy my Quobbas more than s-wings because I’m still going faster than a conventional fin and they pivot and turn like a fin is supposed to (s-wings get hung up and weird on a lot of turns).

BTW, I’m a pretty typical intermediate surfer. I’ve been shortboarding my whole life (I’m 41) and surf a lot (about 6-10 times a week). I imagine this is an important thing to know as you consider my feedback. I tend to be focused on maneuvers as that’s what the surf is suited for around here. I attached a picture to give you a good idea of what me doing my best turn looks like. It’s from the Maldives, so it was a playground out there (the frontside turn). The backside turn is a screen capture of me surfing the quobba tri fin set up about a month ago. Hope these help.

Justin Page

I found that there manoeuvrability changed how all my boards perform. There speed control release was extremely good excellent in punchy waves.How ever where I live that is not always the case.I feel that a slightly larger fin especially in the front would be beneficial and would be interested in purchasing some if they came out.I have coupled this with my thruster and quad to a medium fin set in the front and they are super fun keep up the good work these fins I will definitely keep running the quobba fins because they add something else.

Ash Ward

Just got back from the Mentawais & yes, really, really good, good drive, super speedy and felt smooth off the bottom, small & 2 times over head conditions, little bit loose but it could have been because it was on a fish style with a 16 1/2 tail. Many thanks – Ash

Peter Eastlake

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to test the new Quobba Fins.

First impressions are they take a little getting use too and they are fast. I’ve used them in a variety of waves and have found that the common denominator is that they generate a lot of speed and hold in really well.

Knowing that they generate speed gives you the confidence to get thru sections that you otherwise wouldn’t.

So far I have been impressed. They do what they are supposed to do.

Pete Sabodala

Mate currently in Durban South Africa. Picked up new boards and first surf today with quobba fins!

Will provide you with more feedback in a few days but initial feelings are the fins provide squirt and drive when needed.

Will be in Bali in a few days so that should be a great test of Quobba technology. Cheers -Pete

Aaron Tomsett

A mate put me onto these fins and I have been using them for about two weeks around Perth. I have noticed extra drive off the bottom, the speed they generate through turns and the extra hold in steeper waves. I cannot wait until I get them on decent waves down the South of WA and try them in a standard board.

Keep up the great work and believe the hype!

Simon Monteath

I’m loving these fins. Normally if I play around with different fins the performance change is tiny and not worth really worth commenting on. The extra speed I’m getting with these fins in my Afterburner is so much more that I’ve enthusiastically commented to a few mates who have now bought sets and are loving them”. (Perth based surfer with a yearly trip to various locations including Hawaii, Maldives, Bali, Sumba, Sumbawa, Mentawai’s, West Java)

Travis Bautista

Yeah no mate no negatives at this stage. Very drivey and they hold you into the wave really well. Be interesting to see how they go when its smaller?

Joel Aspland

Sorry about the late reply, its hard to find the time sometimes when working away and working long hours.

Yes! I was lucky enough to score a set of Quobba fins from Glenn, I have ridden them and would happily provide some feed back. So far I have used 2 quobba side fins and a standard futures back fin. My findings so far are I feel the fins respond well to back foot pressure and the more pressure or effort you push through your back foot to the tail of the board the more speed and hold the quobba fins generate. I feel in some ways its similar to a foil board where the fin generates lift from upward and downward pressure applied on the board across flat water.

I defiantly feel that when using a quobba fins a have done some of my more powerful “on rail” surfing with being able to do bigger, more drawn out turns as the fins seem to carry speed and /or possibly generate speed through a turn and maintain greater hold thus less likely to skip during a fast critical turn as apposed to standard thruster fins.

I hope that helps and please let me know if there is any more specific feedback you would like or any tips or trials you would like me to apply.

Kings regards, Joel Aspland

Matt Hoskings

Hope you’re well and just sharing some thoughts on trying out the Quobba fins up at G land a couple of weeks back.

First of all, I had a set of FCS compatible and so was only applicable to my 6’7” which is my standard good wave board. Anything below max(i) Pad! Have also used this size on premium maximum days when feeling up to it! He he.

Anyway, in the past couple of years I have often found the transition from small board squirter to good wave board a bit weird at first, generally compounded by the fact that you may have been riding your bar of soap for a few days straight awaiting swell and also the fact that up until now I haven’t had what I felt was the right size fin for that board. Often switching between small AM’s and like a G5. The latter locking it up and the former being a bit lacking.

I was hoping that the template on the Q’s would fill the gap. I actually didn’t take an alternative.

Now it was only a short trip for myself and only had a couple of sessions in quality surf so can’t really riff on minor particulars. What I can say is that from my first wave I did notice the ‘up and go’. Board felt fast and positive and wasn’t feeling that normal restrained feeling you get when jumping back on a narrow round/pintail after a little fat arse. Was definitely impressed with that fin for that board. To be honest I don’t really think I thought about it much after the first wave. Thing was working good, just needed a better rider…… ha ha!

Anyway I’m not giving em back cos wanna give them more of a burn up there through August. In short I can say that, that fin is the best I’ve used in that board so all pretty positive vibes from this side!

Thanks for the opportunity to give them a whirl and look forward to a most sustained period of trial.

Cheers mate, Hosko

Jason Rem -WSL

Thanks for the note and say hello to Wayne and Glenn who I was just catching up with on email. I did receive a set of FCS fins when I met the boys at Uluwatu and used when I went to Nias. I used on two days/6 sessions and they were fast and not that I surf that well, but seemed my down the line speed and turns were faster and sharper. And it’s a quality product design and feel.

However I broke that FCS set up board on my last day and my boards at home are Future fins so have not been able to use again. Thanks for asking and good luck with all there.

Best- Jason

Scott Lang

Hope your well mate. Just got back from Maldives (via some family time in Singapore), thought I’d give you some ‘average surfer’ thoughts on the fins. To be honest my surf first on them felt very different (maybe exacerbated by about 2 hours sleep in the previous 36 hours), never had a fin change the feel of a board so dramatically….super fast, but also sooo loose. I then road a fat little fish (with regular fins) which did wonders, made me draw different (proper?) lines. Back on the Quobba thruster it all clicked, I was nailing forehand turns that I’ve never made before (at 44 it’s nice to feel that my surfing is still improving…). Then surfed a perfect left (like a shorter Kuta Reef) and had one of the better surfs of my life. We were lucky enough to have Simon ‘Swilly’ Williams swimming and shooting the trip. I’m just trawling through about 4000 images from him (damn motor drive!) will get posting this weekend.

After a bit of a wobbly start, I’m totally sold. I reckon they improved this average surfer’s surfing by…I dunno, hard to quantify, 20 – 30%??

Thanks again for the opportunity, hope the business is building.

Ben McCarthy /URBNSURF Wavepools

The Quobbas have been amazing for reasons I didn’t expect – upon initial appearance, I was concerned by the lack of flex in the fin (something the surf industry has told us we need). There’s been no real science put into fin design for over 10 years and we blindly accept the product that is pushed onto us.

I put the fins into a Tomo Evo 5’7” – a board that I had used the most for the last 12 months and felt like I knew the board’s abilities like the back of my hand.

Upon using the fin, the one thing that was immediately noticeable (in relatively good quality surf) was the board’s ability to stick in critical sections and steep faces. It’s the same medium sized fin as my Futures JJF’s, however, it gripped in tight pockets and really rewarded heavy back foot surfing. Confidence levels in high risk fast sections were at an all-time high!

I didn’t notice any difference in speed – perhaps because the waves I typically surf are beachies and short punchy reef sections. I would love to try them in a long indo wall.

Perhaps there was something in the old rigid glass-in fin!

All that fibre-flex mesh stuff is rubbish. Well done. Im a fan.

Cort Trent Meakins

I have been in Medewi west Bali for the passed week,

Only have had a few surfs ,6’3” feels a lot smoother throughout the turns and a lot more speed. The tail feels lighter ! Hopefully this feedback was helpful .

Ryan Bautista

Yeah mate, yesterday was pumping, and few waves on a big day at another spot. Fins feel good, held in well, was bit hard to tell as I was riding a new board also. But I will give them more of a go back home.

Hi mate, yeah used them a couple times again since home & they feel good. Have more hold I feel.

Pete Tomsett

Using the 2 side fins & 2 smaller normal fins in the rear as a quad and really liking them. They seem to have a lot of hold for their size. I have noticed that they get better as the waves get better and you seem to be able to draw different lines which is good but take some getting use to. Loving them on my forehand bottom turn top turn combos, backhand seems a bit slower for some reason, not sure why but may be the waves.

Material wise they are great – light strong but have some flex.

Mike Bergman

I have just come back from a few weeks up in Gnaraloo and used the fins in my surfboards and kite board.

I am a fairly average surfer but did feel the difference the fins offered. Definitely made the board more responsive and definitely felt like I was able to generate more speed with them to get around some of the sections I would normally not expect to get around.

I am a fairly experienced kitesurfer and have been involved in product testing for a kite company in the past.

The fins definitely improved the performance of the board I had them on. Normally I run the board with a med FCS fin in a tri fin set up with a small rear fin to loosen the tail up. This allows me to do what I want off the top but compromises the stability through drawn-out bottom turns.

I used the board with the Quobba fins in a range of conditions ranging from 4 foot face waves to 15 foot face waves. The std Quobba set had a similar looseness as my normal set up but gave a lot more stability in the drawn out bottom turns. Another benefit I felt was that with marginal winds the board was more inclined to get on the plane sooner allowing me to use it in lighter winds. One observer commented that I was pointing higher into the wind than the other kiters even though I hadn’t really noticed this myself.

Without doing direct comparison runs in the same conditions with the two different set ups ( which is what I used to do when testing) I would say that the board definitely felt better all round and I definitely prefer it to my previous set up.

I did briefly try them on a SUP but I normally have a quad set up and had to use the Quobba fins in the tri fin configuration which I didn’t like. Keen to try a quad set up when you release your larger sized fin.

Hope this info is of some help, if you want any more specifics or details I am happy to try and help.

Congratulations on what you guys have achieved, I really believe that you have been able to achieve an increased performance.

Cheers Mike

Roy Mills

In August I hit the Maldives Outer Atolls and loaded my 6’6’’ thruster with your Quobba fins to trial them on these clean 6’ waves.

They held the line and performed speed wise like a quad set up. Accelerating quickly, were very fluid and great for snaps. I noticed on the take offs I could pump them and adjust the line a bit

quicker to keep up with / ahead of some of the faster waves. It’s so hard to know if I was imagining that or not but that’s how it felt…

I was worried about the small size of them on the bigger 8 – 10’ bigger days so didn’t unleash them, but they were great on these waves though I was being careful not to push them too hard on bottom turns where I risked exposing the fins too much.

The shape of them turned heads from the other boys on the boat and were eagerly studied.

I’m not a good enough surfer to really give commentary, but I like them, and they are part of the artillery now, so well done.

Oh, I love the packaging and the pouches too. Keeps them protected on the dodgy tender boats when swapping them in or out.

Thanks mate for the follow up and good luck with it all.

Mark Teasedale

I only have ridden them once as I injured my knee and have been out of the water for a few months. They feel like they really stick to the wave, almost like you are glued onto the face of the wave. Not as lose as my other sets of fins, but really good for doing for rail carves. I’m not a radical surfer, more into doing big rail carves than going vertical, so I did enjoy them, just need to out on the water again!!!

Steve Enright

Yeah, bought a set at the comp and so far like them in my 7’0” still trying them on mid size to get a feel. Haven’t been surfing a lot lately but +ve more than -ve. Steve

Vance Burrows

Thanks for the FCS fins! Surfed them yesterday in 7’0 Maurice Cole Red Dingo and they went great. Waves were Big (by my standards – ha!) – only took one wave to get used to the fins in this board. Got my biggest best wave of the season yesterday – climbing and dropping in the pocket of a double over head right – looked like a close-out when I took off but made it- yew! Stoked! – Vance

Mike Neunuebel

Yes I have a set and have used them for about 2 months. I am stoked and won’t go back to a fin of the past.

I’ve had chance to ride them on my comp Malibu and love the Quobbas as front tri and large back fin. This set up allowed me to win at Lennox Head this year in the over 50’s. I’ve also been experimenting with standard 3 Quobba fins and just a tail fin with big twinnies – with every surf I feel the difference for speed.

They are great and a joy to feel the surfing evolution under my feet.

Alex Marcoux

I’ve ridden the thruster FCS set in a variety of contemporary performance shortboards.

I should point out that I haven’t really had a chance to surf the fins in any pumping surf.

I’ve been surfing in what I would call your day to day Perth surf (knee to head high weak surf)

I’ve experienced:

– Noticeable lift that makes me feel like I have better rail engagement with the water in my turns (It feels as if my board is sometimes slightly above the water). I feel like this prevents my likelihood of catching my rail and accidentally slowing down.

– increased drive (speed) from bottom turns.

– increased need to ensure my back foot is on the tail pad to feel these benefits

NOTE: I either notice these aforementioned benefits or don’t feel them at all. Something to do maybe with power and size of the wave? Not sure. I often feel an increased performance when it’s a good set wave but not sure if that’s the wave or the fins.

Overall I really enjoy these fins and I definitely think they add something to my surfing performance capabilities. However I am still trying to understand these fins and I’m looking forward to trying them in some good spring waves down south.

Kerry Whitford

Faster, drivier but somehow turns quicker & tighter. More responsive.

This morning at knee to waist high Trigg on my groveller for the first time. I usually use big Micks for speed & drive, the small micks just dont project enough or have that feeling of something to push against. The big Micks can sometimes get caught/stuck in the waves this small. Quobbas feel free!.

Troy Bower

Went for a surf with my JJF fisn in the other day, my board felt boggy & slow. The waves were fairly crap but I didn’t feel like a world champ! Next one was back with the Quobba’s in a crisp beachie & had a great surf – much more responsive. Quobbas felt faster & looser with hold. Way better!!!!!

Minako Burton

Yes, I’ve had tried the Quobba fins at main break,south side and north point.

I really like them but when I surfed at south side between 3-5ft day ,I felt I need more grip to ride on those waves. Also felt a little too loose .

Maybe because of my fin set up is shown in pic that attached to this email. It’s different .(Very unsual fin set up with large centre fin)

I’d love to try your fins in clean smooth waves somewhere in indo

Pete Bacon

Yep been loving the fins……

Mainly for kiting, had a great trip to Peru and worked great.

I found them great especially in light winds.

And I will actually be buying another set in the next week or so for a mate in England .